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DropBOB Designs - Lego block Etsy build

I started the Lego block build for a customer in California. They selected a size 6, blue Lego block.

I purchased all the material and I even purchased a new tool for the job! More on this later...

First things first, I aquired and cut the high quality Cedar Wood 2x6 lumber into the correct size.

Bound the bundle together using 2x large deck screws for each bundle. Carefully marking the location of where all the holes need to go.

Second, I did some testing for a new method of creating "plugs" for this project. After the plugs are created using a hole saw, I place the plug in my drill press, using is as a low budget lathe.

Using some sandpaper on the low speed setting, the plug becomes super smooth. This is perfect for what I need! I was using pine in this test, so the cedar should turn out even better!

Next, I get to use my favorite new tool! I saw this thing at Rona while purchasing the material I needed for this project. This is an adjustable Wood Spade bit. Now I can precisely make a hole at any size I want!!! ANY SIZE! (From 7/8” up to 3”).

I'll continue this build when I return from my trip to the sunshine coast (aptly named). Until then, enjoy these images I just took:

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