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DropBOB commissioned project - Pyramid Head - Packing and shipping!

Shipping is often overlooked by new businesses and startups. But it's actually one of the most important things to review and plan for. I actually custom designed my shipping box so that I could ship as efficiently as possible. Often, if you are stuck using a standard box, you end up filling it with too much filler, and you pay (and charge) too much for what you're shipping.

So when I was designing the merchandise, I fully thought out the packing and shipping situation, all in virtual reality!

Turns out I was only half right. Although, the CAD drawing below probably is the "cleanest" packing solution, it leaves way too much mess for the end user to assemble ... Think Ikea dresser ... do you really want to break it down to the smallest pieces.

As I was packing the product, I tried something new ... I kept the larger pieces assembled and played a little game of tetris ... oo, oo, I have a GIF for that .

I was able to fit all the pieces, while keeping the helmet in only 4 pieces. That was awesome! I also made an assemble video which I will upload to Youtube prior to item delivery (after some heavy editing).

I also want to make sure to keep my branding going strong. I'm a new business and this really does help me keep focus and help define my brand! I'm trying to associate my logo with meticulously and intelligently designed creations. Don't worry, I keep the logos hidden on the inside ... like a well tailored suit. This is for you to appreciate and feel proud of!

I've put more end user design and durability features into this thing than I would normally for myself. I really do try to design for the worst and try to think of ways to improve at every chance. So don't hesitate to leave honest feedback.


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*awesome tetris gif made by Deviantart user: SimplySilent,

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