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DropBOB commissioned project - Pyramid Head - Approval Drawings

So I've been busy working on finishing the Model and coming up with a good set of Approvals/Layouts for my commissioned Pyramid Head Cosplay. It's been a real hit on my Etsy Page

I'm not quite happy with these yet, but it's a start. I often berate the drafters at my "other job" for having terrible drawings ... but making drawings from scratch is hard. Especially when the information you want to convey/receive is not fully defined yet. 

Basically, I want to show a general overview of what the finished product will look like. Size, shape, angles, centre of gravity. Here I've left a blank on the left to manually add a table of "technical specifications". This is where I want to collect data, such as shipping address & schedule/timelines for manufacturing.

Next, I'd like to show/review details on the frame/structure of the piece. This includes painting details & overall size.

The next most important thing is the user interface. How will this fit on the person? I'll need head size, Need an easy way to measure this, and transfer it to a relatively uniform shape that can fit different head sizes. I'm opting for a foam helmet style, with velcro attachment for ease of assembly. And since we're measure head sizes, may as well get some height and shoulder widths here too. This makes sure I don't make a GIANT head for a tiny person, or a tiny head for a taller person.

Next is the Visual details. How many fasteners? What size? How many Steel Bars? Type of Steel Mesh, etc. etc. I need to add a few more details to this page.

I also wanted to show more details on the 3D printed Helical gear. Some Pyramid head designs don't have this, but this is one of my favorite parts of the Helmet ... so much so that I made mine bright red on the Cosplay I did a few years ago. I'd like to add a few colour designs on this page for those who like it a little different!

This page looks just like a mess, I wanted to put packaging details on this one. But I realized too late that the model I made in CAD is just not robust enough and has up to now just frustrated me ... That's actually, kinda the reason for this post. I was frustrated, so I fell back to something simple. 

So, I need to clean up a few of the earlier pages, add some tables, add some colour options, add some fastener options, & fix up the packaging sheet.

I also need to tally up the material costs and hopefully it falls right in with the budget in mind ... otherwise, I'll have to try to reduce costs a little.

This is going a little slower than I'd hope. Also "other work" has been quite busy ... cutting into my personal time. Hopefully I'll power through this weekend!



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