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DropBOB Designs Upgrades to 3D Blog Renders!

DropBOB Designs now with 50% more dimensions!

I've been working on upgrading my cold brew coffee maker for the PRO scene. I wanted a more robust and flexible model and I think this going to be my next prototype. Feel free to grab the model below and rotate and explore! I've designed this with the user in mind and I wanted a fully interactive user experience, right out of the gate! No holds barred!

I've designed about 80% of this PRO version, but I still have a few things I need to design before I order all the parts for the prototype:
Once this is done, I will need to modify my code (Arduino Based, open sourced -> found here) and improve on it. This will probably take a few months on its own.

Here is my full progress so far. Once again, you can feel free to rotate, zoom and get up close to the model shown below! You are the in ultimate control with your hand made, fully customizable Cold brew coffee maker. 

And One more thing. Here's a sneak peak of the official DropBOB Designs Logo. Feel free to let me know what you think, in the comments or at info@DropBOB.ca (Yes, I'm thinking of keeping the dimensions):

If you are interested in purchasing this coffee maker in the near future, please sign up (Top-Right of the page) and select "Pre-ORDER list for DropBOB Coffee PRO". This will ensure you are the first in line for the product launch happening soon!


-Team DropBOB

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