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Merry Christmas from team DropBOB!

So as you know, I usually don't like to just purchase a pre-made Christmas card from the store ... I like to make my cards. This means using unconventional materials for the card business.

Can you guess which card I made?

To wish all my followers a Merry Christmas I put together this quick How-To on how to make your loved ones a card that they won't be able to put in the spot they usually store Christmas cards in ...

Start by finding some scrap material that you think will look good together. Find some hinges (even better if they have springs) and screw those in.

Now add a latch. If you don't have any latches ... Like me, just use another hinge ... And drill out one of the holes enough to fit a screw.

Now, if your hinges are spring loaded, you'll want to add a stopper so that you significant other doesn't get their fingers caught ... You don't want to go to the hospital on Christmas day ... She'll hate you.

Now wire up some electronics to make it flashy! I used an old led harness from a dollar store hat that I bought for her birthday last year ...

Now add some writing to show you care!

That's it, the DropBOB simple guide to making a card that won't fit in any card storage ever.

If you liked this, you can check out my other blog posts. Last year, I made Jenn's card out of metal. You can check that one out here.
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