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Side Table Project - 75% complete


Finally starting to look like something. I've got it on a carpet dolly, so its a little higher than normal, but you can finally tell (& use) it is a side table now.

I attached the 3rd wall. This time, I actually put some force into the bending. so it turned out a little different. No more cracking of the steel, But I had to fillet the wood so that the bend radius in the steel could be accommodated.

I then drilled out all the holes needed for the heavy duty 1/2" bolts.

Then I used 6" long "torks" wood screws to attach the base on. This worked very well.

Then came the fun part. Cutting my 4"x6" wood to fit the top perfectly well. I love how strong and heavy duty this thing will be. It is designed to last at least 1000 years.

Historians will uncover this in thousands of years and finally have proof that intelligent life did in fact exist in the 21st century.

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