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Halloween 2014 - 2 days of progress

So I've been working away over this weekend on my Halloween project. Here's mu progress thus far:

progress so far: see below for detailed build

First cutout is a little shaky ... but it gets better after a few more

I'll need to make 108 of these


now to thread in the little black tubes

Should have threaded all the tubes together ... this method is terrible ...
For the second arm, I threaded all the tubes into each piece as I inserted the pieces

stick inserted to stiffen up the assembly.

workspace is a little cluttered, but at least its all in one room.

Here's the backplate that will hold the arms

bending the structural tubes makes the arms look so much cooler!

and now more shapes need to be cutout

total for material comes to about $130. I used a $50 home depot gift card that Najin and Lawrence gave us for our housewarming. Jenn also gave me a $100 for my b-day ... its under budget and ahead of schedule so far.

second arm shape complete!

here's how I bent the tubes. This little heat gun is really awesome. The vice also have come in very handy.

and now a third arm.

Not bad for 2 days of progress I think.
 I'll continue that last arm tomorrow after work. Then I'll have the next few days after work to complete the end-effectors (hands). And next weekend to paint and detail ... Not as long as I thought this would take. Not as noisy or messy either, and Jenn loves that.

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