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I love Bench\.


So it was pointed out to me that in my last post I gave virtually not love to the new bench we bought ... you know the one you use to put your shoes on in the morning because you're getting old.

ya that one.

I showed it in one of the pictures but I guess that wasn't enough. This entire blog will be dedicated to this wonderful Entrance-Bench. As I could not find out when the "Bench" was invented, I've decided that it must have evolved as one woodworker decided to screw with his boss and made a really wide chair. The guy must have been fired, but it eventually caught on and people started putting them in the weirdest places to accommodate a large number of people per chair.

This bench actually comes in super handy every morning as I put my construction boots on. These boots are very old and need the extra attention that only siting on a bench to put them on can provide (above picture is only a simulation of putting on construction boots and may not contain any construction boots, or a shirt, and there might only be one shoe being put on)

I Love Bench, That is all.

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