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The whole house project - CAD model

So I've been "hard" at work finishing the design of my little 980-sqft condo. All of this work is an investment of sorts. Now that my entire apartment has been virtualized, I can freely design anything and see how well it will fit in. I can effortlessly toil with alternate designs & move furniture around as I please. This is my SIM world ... 

One of the benefits of this virtualization is that I can get Jenn's approval on what I do prior to spending the money on materials & build time. Also, When I bought this place, I was sad that the owners did not keep the floor layout. So I took measurements and double checked the dimensions ... but I couldn't really spend that much time before buying the place otherwise the original owners would have though I was a little too obsessed.

Well, now that I own the place, I can obsess all I want. And say what you want, but this CAD of my home is an awesome resell perk. Maybe, in 10 years or so, when I'll want to re-sell the place (and I'll have a 3D printer), I'll be able to give interested buyers a 3D mock-up of the place.

And, Jenn's favorite part (kiwi, our hedgehog) is also included in this model. 

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