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Shelf Project - Industrial Pipe Shelf

Finishing touches: Cable management & Placing of things on shelf

I Finally staples the cables to the wall so that they are mo longer a spaghetti mess. I love when things are organized! This shelf is now useful & good looking.

I can even display my most ambitious Halloween costume to date: My Aperture Science Portal Gun. My first blog post is all about building this thing. You can look back and see it here: Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4, Day5, Day6, Day7. Ah, That was a good project! Thank's Jenn for your support!.

Since Jenn hated my led strip on the TV (That's so dumb Bobby). I decided to put it when it belongs (you know, what it was actually intended for). I placed it under the cabinets to give us a little more light right where we need it.

Turns out it does a whole bunch of funky colors. Even scary ones like red.

And futuristic ones like Blue.

But I know Jenn will only want me to use the white one ... She's my compass on a ship. She keeps me straight & going in the right direction! I love you.
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