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The Home Project - More on the minor clean-up list

So Today was mostly a shopping day, but I had a few things I wanted to take care of when I got home. 

The scratch on the wall that we had made during the move was Spackle'd and sanded but I really needed to paint it. There, now you can barely tell. I'm getting really good at covering up holes in the wall.

I've also changed out my 60W bulbs in the washroom (total was 480W of power used) with 8 LED lights that I got at GUILLIVAN (electrical wholesaler). The bulbs are 8W TCP 515 lumen flood lights which gives me 4000 lumens of light. I feel like I'm tanning in there. Meanwhile I'm saving 416W of power at an average usage = 0.416*3*365*0.075 = $34 ... at $15/bulb it will only take 3 years to make it worth it. good thing they last 25yrs.

Here's the best part. I mounted my floating books and I also mounted my monitor. The height on this monitor just makes the whole desk feel way better. It also helps elevate your posture so that I have less neck stain over time. Overall very satisfied.

I also set out to fix the shredder. It's been broken even since I tried to shred a shopping bag that had heavy duty metal re-reinforcements on it. The problem was that the feed sensor was constantly reading something even when there was not paper being fed. Turns out something was stuck inside it breaking the beam permanently.

Unfortunately, its 9:45 pm and the kids living under us want to sleep (daddy knocked at our door). I wasn't able to make sure it worked fully before having to close it up. I will have to test this one out tomorrow during the day (UPDATE: It worked). Sorry kidos, sleep well. The shredder monster will no longer try to eat you.

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