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The Home Project - 5th Project - Workspace flooring & insulation Install (Day 2)

So today I fixed up the lift caused by the cork underneath the floor. It was only happening where one cork sheet met the other. I decided to disconnect them from each other and proceed to double-sided tape one to the ground (weak tape so it doesn't ruin the original floor) and then duct tape the whole seam. The duct tape is heavy and malleable enough to fit the shape of the floor. It worked like a charm.

I also proceeded to re-install the base boards. Jenn did a sound pressure test with my sound meter set for A-Weighted Slow response. My hammering was about 75dB (1-meter from the source) 65dB in the other room with my door closed ... I'd say that translates to about 55dB for the neighbor downstairs ... lets hope he wasn't home. Either way it was only for 10-15 minutes and only started after noon. I'm doing this for him anyway, this floor will increase his enjoyment of life as he hates walking noise so much.

On a side note, Jenn notices his balcony is not up to strata by-laws ... hehe. He's got this old piece of junk armoir/sink thing with a bunch of garbage hanging off the top. 1st, its not safe. 2nd, its an eye sore. I won't say anything unless he gives me any more trouble.

I'm also adding some weight to the seams so that I can get it perfectly flat.

Now, My caulk skills are a little rusty I know. I did a pretty terrible job. I did eventually get the hand of it but this is definitely not a skill that you don't lose without practice.

Either way, the floor is great and just feels great, its soft so you can stand on it all day but not too soft. Job well done!

And on a final note, Marco just got us a house warming present. My old grinder made terrible grounds, inconsistent and way too coarse. We were really excited to try this one. We immediately noticed the difference. Putting the grinds into our Moka pot was like packing Nutella, silky smooth and perfectly consistent. This grinder from Bodum, purchased at The Bay, is truly amazing. The coffee before this tasted like watered down coffee (even with quality grounds). Now we can finally drink good, thick, rich coffee! Thanks Marco.

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