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The Home Project - 2nd project - Entrance Closet

So here is the next most important project in the house that just NEEDS to get done. Our old front door had an awesome IKEA Portis Hat Rack for $19.99

This new one has an annoying white mesh thing that doesn't work well with anything.

step one, remove everything.
step 2, open up all the outlets so that I know what we have in the closet.
This here is the service plug-in for our home. We have 4 phone jacks in the house and they are all butt spliced together right here. Also, one of these is probably the phone line that forest to the building's main phone dispatcher.
Mess of wires

good to know, right?
here's another stay phone wire ... I might try to sort these out one day if I ever have a need for it.
Phone wire to no-where

Spackle is awesome
so now that everything is removed I've applied the first coat of spackle. And I've saved it and re-applied the last coat this morning.
Ready for paint

All painted

Looks good right?
The final product came out really nice. I painted the whole closet an earthy yellow (it was leftover paint in our storage locker). I feel like the paint that was in this closet was original from the construction since it was really scuffed up. I'm glad I painted it.

I might add a few more customizations in the near future. Here are a few of my ideas:
    - Light at the top to illuminate when closet door is open
    - Second upper rack?
    - Side hooks (maybe the dart hooks)?
    - Outdoor temperature  sensor (Weather-vane)
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