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The Home Project - 1st Project - Smart Deadbolt

So this first project is a pretty simple but essential front door lock change (you never know who has copies of these keys). Also, I don't like how the lock that comes with this home is so not smooth.

I've been eyeing "smart locks" for quite some time now and I'm intrigued to try it. The price is a little high but If no-one ever buys them then they won't make anymore. "Vote with your wallet!" Here's the only one that's truly available in Canada right now: homedepot.ca/kevo-bluetooth-deadbolt not on special $250.
Here's the old lock prior to removal

Here's the un-boxing

finished product -  front

and back
Overall very happy with my purchase and I like the convenience. I don't have to fight with my keys to figure out which one to use. I just have to touch the lock with the keys in my pocket. Its even smart enough to know which side of the door I'm on. Also, If I've got friends over that need to leave after me It has a really convenient triple touch to lock feature. No more need for spare keys. The one drawback: Android is currently not supported but they say that they're working on it. Also, the reason Android was not supported has recently been addressed ... I'm optimistic.

I'm looking forward to smartening up more areas of the house!
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