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Bad Day ...

So Today has been a terrible day. I've decided that it was so terrible that it deserves a spot in my project blog for all my avid readers (read: Jenny & sometimes Radek).

I start out the day with my usual, shower get ready for work ... etc ... but I also figure while I'm at it I'll also make myself a To-do list and place it on my Google Calendar. One task per hour. Here is what I gave myself:

Simple right ... So I get into work ... "Oh hey Bobby ... did you tell the mechanics about the training today?" ... Ah Fuck ... no, I've been too busy.

This training is 6-hrs long, requires a laptop & starts in 30 minutes and requires me to pre-download lots of files .... fuk fuk fuk. Alright screw the to-do list.

Did I mention I sent out my laptop to be "Refreshed" ... Seriously IT, you didn't know XP was no longer supported? So now a last minute e-mail to half the Country has caused half of your managers to not have a laptop for like a week. How is this acceptable???!! And "Refreshed" just means that your going to sideload Win7 on top of XP on my same Crapy 4 yr old laptop and most of my programs wont work when I get it back so I'll have to spend another day getting admin rights to fix all the problems you've caused ... Did I mention that I fukn hate IT.

So here I am trying to set up this stupid training for my guys and for some odd reason the laptop that I'm borrowing refuses to load the conference. Now here I am holding up about a hundred guys (this training includes many offices around the country). I decide to steal one of the sale's guys laptops and try that ... after spending another 30 minutes setting that up I finally get it up and running ... a good hour late into the show (good thing this training lasts 6-hrs).

Now I have no computer ... My e-mail is full ... I can't receive or send anything from my blackberry since my e-mail is too full, and I still need to figure out how to send out a confirmation e-mail to book an inspection ... 

My mechanics still need parts ... Cory wants me to be on a stupid conference call for a problem he caused ... My adjusters need their dongles re-set ... I need to find boxes for my move ... ARRRRRGHHH! fuk it i'm going to lunch ... Oh wait no, I can't, I have to train our new Admin how to do some of my work cuz I obviously need help here. I haven't had a lunch in weeks now.

Oh ya, this is about the time where my notary calls to tell me that he's forgot to include Mortgage insurance and that I need to send him another 8K ... Really? ... Really? ... This is the second mistake ... I caught the first one where he wanted me to pay for first time home buyer fees that I didn't need to pay ... You couldn't have caught it when I asked why I had some money left over from my down-payment??!! ... What If I had bought that furniture you told me to spend it on .... 

So here I go ... again to the bank ... The whole time with my work phone not stopping with questions from Contractors, Mechanics, everyone ... they all want fucking something ... the whole lot of them ... Oh ya, I forgot to mention too ... I couldn't get in the back door cuz the code was changed ... So I kicked it ... hard ... now my foot hurts ... 

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