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Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)

So now that we're so close to the finish line, it takes just a little longer to get things accomplished as you take just a few more moments to admire the almost-finished-product...

As a push to the finish, and also a matter of trying to respect building noise bylaws, I cut all the claw pieces out in one shot. I also do the drilling.
The claws are assembled using 10-32 socket heads with washers.
Once all the pieces are installed I add some silicone caulking to all the tabs to prep for painting
The paint seriously nails it! Right after the first coat of paint is done you realize: "holy sh*t, it actually worked". Kinda like in home alone when Kevin realizes his wish came true and his family is gone ... Except Better.

Happy Halloween!
And no portal gun is complete without it's very own mini turret!

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