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Some Necessary Kitchen Upgrades: Cookbook Holder.

So the wife bought me a cookbook for Christmas: "Bob's Burgers, Burger Book". So, I got the hint. Build the damn cookbook holder Bobby! We've had this idea for a long time (by we, I mean Jenn), and I just didn't have time (It was like the 4th or 5th thing on my imaginary to-do list).

Here's the book (after the jump), for anyone who wants to purchase (I'ts actually on special right now on amazon) It has some pretty epic Burger Recipes that I MUST try.

Also, makes a great Backdrop for my Cold Brew Maker.

The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

I made a build Gallery Over here->: Imgur//CookBook you can check it out if you have a chance. Don't forget to upvote so more people can see it!

Another thing I upgraded was our old "Industrial Pipe Shelf". Remember how I added one more level. Now I also added an internal level:

All simply to be able to lift up the printer and place paper underneath it.

Its just such a simple hack and it shows how versatile this shelf really is. You can modify it to add side shelves too if you really wanted (if you have space). Or even rotating shelves that you can pull towards you when you want to grab something. Really, the possibilities are endless. And look how good this looks:

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