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Vancouver Fan Expo Recap

Just wanted to post a quick recap of the Vancouver Fan Expo while it's fresh. This was the first year I attended and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Apparently there was over 25,000 people over 3 days. I only attended the Saturday.

There were some really amazing costumes from creative to exact replicas ... Some people even attended all 3 days with 3 entirely different cosplay costumes. #goals

The following photos were taken by the lovely JellyJube, with some editing in Lightroom by moi.

more pictures after the break ...

The amazing thing is that this cosplay held up very well during the whole time we were there. I did not have to take it off at all (from approx 1pm to 7pm). The helmet was not too hot, or tight. The LED eyes were on the whole time. Nothing broke off. It was a huge success.

One of my favorite things (after all the cosplay mingling and ooo-aaah-ing) was the cards against humanity improv show. We tried to attend a few others, but they either got cancelled or were too full. So maybe next year I'll be more organized and attend some other ones.

A few things to note: I did not finish the second gun in time for the Expo (this first one was actually drying still as we were driving over). But I'll finish it before I sell this off. I also need to bolt in the rockets instead of screw in ... Since I kicked one off at dinner (I was still wearing them after the event ... for fun). I lost one of the headphone foam things ... So I'll replace that with the orange ones from the movie. And lastly, I need to make the guns easier to reload ... They go "bang" really nice (just noise, no projectile), but the reloading is not as easy as I want it to be.

I'll be adding a feature photo (and maybe video) to show off all the features of the Star Lord Cosplay right before I list it on here.

Cheers, and as always, message me if you are interested in any of my work (notice that I added the Lego blocks from a few posts ago to my listing of available hand-craft-made-to-order products)

-DropBOB Designs
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