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Poor Man's Lathe

Just a simple post today. I'm adding the finishing touches to my Star Lord cosplay costume (Making the foot rockets), just in time for the Vancouver Fan EXPO. I wanted to share a simple hack that I'm sure others have done (or not) in the past.

I was in need of a Lathe ... but I had none in sight ... (had to change the audio ... more calming than the high pitch squeals). Also, sorry for the vertical video (It's best watch on your phone).

So I used what I had in my shop to hack myself together a functional, but real sketchy, lathe. Watch the video for a preview. Oh, and yes, I'm using a grinder (from Dremel) to carve the wood on this lathe ...

The key to any lathe is being able to keep the rotating piece as concentric as possible while spinning. So I racked my brain and put together a few socket wrenches (22mm and 1") to get these 1" diameter dowels spinning. I Installed the sockets on my drill press using a socket to drill attachment on the live end (3Pcs Socket Adapter 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" to Hex Drill). And on the dead end, I just used a Socket Drive Adaptor (3/8-Inch Drive x 1/2-Inch Socket Adaptor). Both of these are great deals on Amazon right now.

The Socket Drive adaptor was almost a perfect fit for the hole already on my drill press (Did I say I got this drill press for $60 ... best purchase I ever made, it's usually on regular for over $200 at Canadian Tire). Regardless, adding some painters tape and a washer made it a perfect and concentric fit.

 You can see the difference a lathe makes right away ... can you tell which one I made with a carving knife? Today, I'm painting these and working on the Star Lord double barrel guns. Here's a preview of the boots:

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