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GIANT Lego Secret Stash!

A long long time ago, Jenn & I make a lego spice rack. You can read about the making of the block on her blog. It was her idea and I only helped a little ... 

So, after we decided to get rid of the old spices, we needed to upgrade this lego project and make more realistic legos ... with a little secret ... 
I decided to make this post into a GIF party ... all the cool kids are doing it. And, having lots of repetitive motion hakes this the perfect post to GIFIFY!

Drill all six caps from a 2"x4". I would actually recommend just using a 2"x6" since that's what the base is made from. A 2-1/4" hole saw is what I used.

Now that the holes are partially through (the hole saw won't go through a whole 2x4), drill the pilot hole all the way through. This will help locate the center on the other side of the 2x4.

With a smaller hole saw (using 2" hole saw here to make a nice lip) start drilling on the other side by using the pilot holes you just made.

Now, here I'm using my drill press, but you can also do this one by hand drill with a vise ... The key here is since this piece is now round, you don't want to hold it while doing this cut. I prepared by Drill press with a 1-3/4" hole saw, to make the lip on the piece a tad bigger.

Now that all 6 pieces are cut to size, a little sanding and filing is needed.

Sanding is more fun when you build stacks.

Now, adding some foam with a hot glue gun makes the pieces fit perfectly tight, but not too hard that I have trouble taking them out.

two GIANT legos stacked!
two GIANT legos stacked!
And the best part is that now I have 12 little tiny holes that I can hide my secret stuff ... like cash ... or candy ... or diamonds ... or other legal/illegal things you may or may not like to hide.

Let me know if you like it.

Here are a few more photos. (These I had to do in HDR ... sorry).


-DropBOB(tm) Designs Out

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