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Star Lord Mask - Functionality Upgrade, the only star lord mask you can wear all night


After wearing this helmet yesterday for the first time in public, I absolutely needed to perform this upgrade! Holy shit, you do not realize how trapped you feel when wearing a foam mask that does not open. Have you seen the movie: Man in the Iron Mask ... The movie does not do this feeling justice. This is why I decided that I had no choice but to perform the surgery!

So now, I can go to Vancouver Fan Expo 2016 without having to worry. I can wear this helmet the whole time. Drink my fancy cold brew coffee, without having to take off the helmet.

Here's what I have so far (from left to right):

    - Old school earphones that I can abuse and not worry: Koss On-Ear Headphones - in Red
    - Sony Walkman (from Mom-in-law's closet ... its great to not throw things away)
    - Partially built Starlord guns (future blog post to follow)
    - The Star Lord Helmet, complete with High/Low power red glowing eyes & air intakes
    - And finally, my awesome new favorite bag: Canvas Triangle Chest Bag

Though, if you want your cosplay to be on point, you should really just opt for the replica walkman on amazon:

The helmet upgrade was quite stressful though. I had no way to know if it would work ... and once you cut, there is no going back. So, with a sharp exacto, I carefully cut the foam at the seams. Made sure to move most of the wiring out of the way. The only wiring that is on the faceplate is 2 simple wires to power the leds on the eyes. The magnet wire I used to wire the entire helmet had to be upgraded to regular sheathed wire for the interface between the helmet and the faceplate. This needed to be done otherwise the magnet wire would eventually break with use (too flimsy).

With the faceplate cut out, Now I could test out and install a proper mechanism for the faceplate to rise (similar to the iron man helmet, which was actually the inspiration for this).

The best thing I could buy for this purpose was this Friction Lid Support typically used for furniture lids. It's thin enough to fit in the tightest spots (this helmet is snug, and I had no issues). Using some contact cement I glued in some Pronged T-Nuts to the inside of the helmet and bolted the other end to the faceplate.

You can see on the inside that I bent the back end a little as it was just a tad too long for the helmet. I also added a rubber washer and removed the little metal restrictor that prevented opening too much. The rubber washer adds just enough friction to hold up the faceplate and prevent the mechanism from pushing out (I don't need it to push out, I just want rotation).

Here's a preview for my next post on the making of the Star Lord guns, I'll keep you posted! Feel free to share this if you like it, and as always, these mad projects are fueled by the cold brew coffee that comes out of my hand crafted DropBOB(tm) Cold drip coffee makers. Available for purchase! Made to order. Build your own from the options available in my shop (click on the "Add to your cart" to start building your order!)

-the DropBOB team

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