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Drop-BOB - a better coffee maker - Cold Drip


I've been working on my software today. I think I have a good base that I will call this version V0.1 ... an alpha release, since I know there are a few crashes and more bugs than I would allow in my beta software.

But overall, I'm happy with the result. I have my Arduino code working well with the Blynk platform. From top to bottom & left to right I can: 

  - monitor network connection
  - visually see the servo position
  - monitor up-time
  - see the real time DPM (drops per minute)
  - automatically tweet about making Coffee
  - see the desired drip rate (Set-point)
  - count drops
  - see a history of DPM
  - modify desired drip rate (set-point)
  - Manually adjust the servo position
  - restart when finished
  - simulate a drop
  - and pause the system

All while using a smaller package than when I was using an arduino with an LCD ... remember that?

The next step right now is to CAD this "THING" (that's the real name) ... And then place it nicely into my drop-BOB (3d printed design to hold all these components) ... It counts drops ... and it just bob's under the water holding thing ... kinda sounds cute.

Oh, and also, since my idea is to eventually release this into the world with huge potential for modifications and improvements, I've shared my code on my GitHUB. Feel free to make improvements. make comments, or even suggestions that I can implement (note, I'm not a software guy ... I juts do this for fun. So go easy on my code).


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