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Project Wood Storage Solution!


I know I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy with work and wedding planning. This week-end coming is the big day. So, while trying to clean up the house for the pa-rentals to come see for the first time, I decided to take a jab at cleaning up my stock wood.

For preperation, I cleaned up and cut the wood to size. I gotta say though, there is something rewarding about cutting wood by hand ... compared with a table saw. Table saw is great to make quick work, but I do like myself some good old fashion manual labor once in a while.

I really just came up with the design on the spot. The only 2 things I need it to do is hold my sticks & hold my sheets ... pretty basic. Except that if I need this to be really close to the wall (space constraint) ... then I need it to be cantilevered from the bottom.

This helps me place all my sheets in the back, while keeping easy acess to 2"x4"s and the like.

So I made sure that the base was super strong and anchored tight to the wall.

Using 5-inch & 6-inch structural screws ... these things are serious fasteners!

Once anchored to the wall, I removed the supports and made sure it was sturdy. Keeping it off the floor makes for easy cleaning.

I added all my various sheets of material in the back.

And then built the last 3 shelves ... 

And boom!

You have yourself a perfectly usable shelf to store all your project wood. Even managed to hang my snowboard up top!

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