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Project Side Table / Bomb Shelter --- COMPLETE!


So I'm proud to announce (And I'm sure Jenn is also happy to hear this) Project side table is finally complete. Full Spec's include: 52x Grade 5 1/2" bolts w/ washers & nuts, 6x 4" long structural wood screws, 20x conspicuous socket head cap screws, 1x door handle, 4x Concealed Spring Hinges, 1x 2"x4" base, 1x entire elevator crate, 4x structural heat treated high carbon steel plates shaped and forged to suit (read I made lots of noise), 5x pieces of 4"x6" construction site dunnage, 2x pieces 3/4" plywood shelves, 4x heavy duty slide guides for shelving, 1 can of water based chestnut stain.

Its been 25 days ... My last post was April 1st ... I didn't want my next post to be anything other that the project completion! 

After taking the entire project apart for the first time, I realized how many parts there really were. The sanding and cleaning of the wood was the loudest part during this phase. It included one small argument and an angry neighbor, but overall we made it through.

Paint texture looked good for a water base. I managed to string a line across my room to hand the freshly painted pieces. I used piano wire strung between 2x 2"x4" wood pieces. We use this piano wire a lot in the elevator industry to make sure rails are installed accurately.

Here's a little pride and joy that I took during this project. You may recall almost a year ago, I built this great work table. Well, It came in super handy. Because it's entirely built out of 2"x4" wood, I used it to hold my side table top (4"x6" wood) into perfect shape while I glue it together. Using those 4-inch long structural wood screws just makes this process a cinch. Screw to the table, use a few pieces of left over wood, tighten and let dry. I Love this work desk!

Once all the wood had been stained, I managed to assembly it into its major components.

Here's one mistake I made. Actually one of a few. But that's the fun of doing these projects. Glue the shelf in final resting place ... not in it's pulled out state. Because the front & back will not be glued parallel this way. And your pull out shelves won't close.

And this PL 8x glue is just a monster of a glue. I had to destroy some of the wood to re-glue it later.

Overall, a great learning experience. This table will withstand nuclear warfare! And It works great to hold your various games and other living room paraphernalia.

Thank's Jenn for tolerating the noise and providing your input on some of the design. Project Success!

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