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Flop Back to: Side Table Project - progress update

So I've been flip flopping between my side table project and my cold drip coffee make project. Today, I gave a big push to work on my side tables. It's family day, so what better way to spend it locked up in my tool room making loud noises and grinding steel!

drilled using cobalt coated steel bits - using 4 gradual steps up to a 1/2" hole
So I finally assembled the second side of the table. Made the holes as I did for the first one, and inserted my 1/2" cap-screws with washers and nuts. All torqued to 90-ft-lbs ... you know for our seismic zone requirements.

using the table itself as a 90-degree assembly jig
Notice that the 90-degree 1/4" thick bent steel was made by cutting the plate directly in the center while leaving 2" on each end. Now since even that was too hard to bend with my prybar, I used one hand to grind the steel remaining away slowly, while the other hand pushed hard on the prybar to gradually bend the steel.

The steel cracked a little, but kept enough strength to function as an angle. later I will tack weld this piece to prevent separation.

You can see up close the connection made with the bent steel ... will definitely need to weld that.

It's slowly starting to take shape as a side table.

Getting there ... slowly but surely. One hole at a time.

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