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Couch Side Tables - Project Resurected


So the infamous side table project has finally resurfaced. I've placed a hold on all other projects until I complete at least one side table.

On a side note, my project room is finally clean! I've purchased myself a MASSIVE tool chest. You can read up about it on Jenn's Blog post. She helped me put it together, and although her lifting skills left some to be desired, her thinking skills did not left us down. I decided let her figure out how we should lift the massive thing into place. She came up with using the couch as a support, and it did the trick!

Its built like a tank, and it basically have a lifetime guarantee with costco. So I'm happy.

I also got myself some large storage bins for all my electronics and other miscellaneous consumables like fabrics and wood pieces.

Now, I can work on these damn side tables without having to look for tools or trip over things.

First step, cut the unnecessarily thick piece of metal that will hold the walls together. Use a grinder, mind the noise. Sparks are mostly harmless. I love those sparks.

Next, mark the location of unnecessarily large holes that will hold the unnecessarily large bolts.

Oh, and when you run out of cutting fluid, you can always just use olive oil. It helps keep the drill bits from overheating ... plus it smells like you're cooking.

Now you've got yourself one side of a side table ... Tomorrow, maybe (super-bowl day) I might cut the remaining steel.

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