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Stay-cation Day 2

So now that we're back from our family Christmas in San Francisco, I've decided to use my last week of vacation staying at home, relaxing and taking care of myself.

Its been pretty busy though, as the first thing I did was give myself a list of goals/tasks to complete before the week ends:

- Run 10k everyday (or so)
- Make Jenn's Christmas/New-Years card
- Renew passport
- Think (and make up your mind) about signing up for school
- Confirm wedding venue with down-payment
- Clean house/kiwi/shower
- Design a cold drip coffee maker
- Work on couch side tables

I know this might seem daunting at first, but I think I can do it all. So far I've run 5k Monday, 10k Tuesday, made Jenn's card, Cleaned House & kiwi.

And since Jenn loves receiving cards, I always make it a point to make her a special card for Christmas. Something that you can't just go buy in stores (I think at some point I may run out of ideas though). If you recall, last Christmas I made Jenn a pop-up card in the shape of a most-awesome-christmas-card-ever.

This year though, I think I outdid myself:

I played around with this RAW camera capture from my OnePlus One ... Not bad I think.

I bound 2 pieces of 0.25" thick heat treated steel with a 3/4" thick plywood piece. The plywood was then cut. on the inside to form a small maze. The catch here is that there is a small piece of wood, with a message, in this maze. But you have to complete the maze without being able to see it.

I kept it pretty simple, as I don't want to over complicate it and make it impossible.

Hope you like it Jenn!

Merry Christmas & New Year 2014/15


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