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Side Table Project - Update

I know I haven't blogged in a while, Here is where I left you guys off last time: Side Table Project. I haven't had as much progress on my project that I would have hoped. There are a few reasons for this. The biggest being the noise I need to make to get this done. I need to sand the wood, hammer the wood, cut the wood, grind the steel, bend the steel, etc. etc. All in a 3rd story condo building.

Now our Coquitlam city bylaw prohibits me from working before 7am or after 11pm ... (9am and 6pm on Sunday & holiday). Our own buisding bylaw is vague and just prohibits "unreasonable noise" ... (who's to say what reasonable). But the most strict and vocal noise bylaw is the Jenny-By-Law ... This is the most important bylaw of all.

So I've restricted my work during the week from the time I get home, 4:30pm, to the time Jenn gets home, 5:30pm, and Saturdays from around noon to 5 or 6pm ... I think thats reasonable.

So I managed to take the wood apart and prepare it for general usage. This involved cutting a GIANT crate from work ...

... So that the wood would fit in my car ... and the elevator ...

... Then taking it apart and sanding it like crazy ...

But after about 2-3 days of sanding, I finally got most of the pieces to a workable state. After this, I screwed together the base with some spare 2"x4" that I had lying around. This step is very important to make sure that the base structure is strong enough to keep the base from self-destructing.

Once I was happy with the base, I realized that I could not easily, nor acceptably, cut my wood to proper lengths and angles ... plus I was due for another tool. So I got myself a DW745 from Home Depot. I've never owned a table saw before but I really like this one. Only one small thing I'd change is the miter gauge on it. Here's the one I've been eye-ing: INCRA MITER1000SE from Amazon.ca.

Now comes the frustrating part ... See, I knew I didn't have this part though out, but I figured it wouldn't be so hard.

 The cutting of the steel, while very loud, was not too bad. Now, I love the smell of burnt steel but Jenn clearly hates it, and so does our smoke alarm.

But once the steel was cut, I used the grinder to score the part of the steel I want to bend at 90 degrees. I had thought scoring it to about half of the thickness of the metal (3/16" sheet of steel) would be enough to bend it with some leverage ... but no.

After some long and hard though, I think I will purchase a Torch and a cheater-bar from Home depot to continue with my progress ...

... I'll keep you posted.


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