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Halloween 2014 - The making of Dr. Octopus

After the first weekend of production I had 3 arms made and ready to go. The costume was looking like it would be done super quick! But as the 80:20 rule always comes around, These last 2 days have been showing a little let progress. (note: the 80:20 rule refers to 80% of the work is done in 20% of the time ... it is a general term that essentially means that the last part of a project is always the longest)

Anyways, I've managed to complete all 4 arms & claws (Just need more glue on the last one, I ran out). I've also made a trip to Value Village and picked-out out a great trench coat and fedora hat.

This project is basically a replica of the movie version of Dr. Octopus. I'd like to point out that I've been heavily relying on the work of another artist known as: Spider-Trooper. Here is his making-of Gallery.

So far the biggest stumbling point I've had has been the claws. I initially thought they would work with the same foam I used for the arms ...

Ya, that didn't work so good. A little too droopy.

After some frustration. Jenn pointed out the foam I had used on the 2013 Halloween costume. This foam is much stiffer and still very light. I do need to point out that the key to this costume is to keep things light. As much as I would love to make this a functional mechanical beast with adjustable parts, that would make the costume weight too much and would require I start lifting weights just to carry it ... 

My little claw turrets
The glue I used for this is the "Pl-Premium Construction Adhesive x8". This is my new favorite glue ... as long as brown is fine. This stuff is like cement!

After some thought and frustration about how I was going to attach this monster to my back, I eventually bought some clips and guarder material from Michael's. It cost $20 for 3x buckles and a 3m role of guarder ... Jenn's had the smarter Idea to go to Winners and buy a cheap back pack ... I swear sometimes I think Jenn has all the good ideas ... the backpack was also $20 but came with everything I needed and more even!

So, since I've been working so hard, I've somewhat ignored many of the 5S practices that I personally preach at work:

Jenn, "gently" nudged me to clean up because I was tracking foam and stuff all over the house ... 

It actually feels so much better. I was able to think more clearly and work more efficiently after the clean-up. Thanks Jenn!

Here is my project so far after about 4 days of work:

Stupid HTC "purple tint defect"

4 trips to Home Depot: $117.07
1 Trip to Winners: $21.28
1 Trip to Value Village: $37.08
1 Craigslist purchase: $35

Subtotal so far: $210.43

And here are the CAD files I've used if you want to make this one day: Drop-box Link if you need them.

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