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Halloween 2014 - Final results

So after some well needed painting, you can see the results below. I think I'll let the pictures talk for themselves (you can check out some more pics on Jenn's Blog also).

Imminent battle
More pics after the break.

Even evil villains need a coffee break

Walking down the sea-wall in downtown Vancouver

Mini-spidey! Must attack!

I had to get a picture with my childhood memories of Super Mario plants!

This witch was one of the best quality costumes I've ever seen!

... And time for a beer ...

managed to fit in the elevator somehow

All in all, I think this year was a complete success. I will get to use my costume for my Halloween BBQ at work, and I'll also accompany our friends' kid for trick or treating.

A little over 2 weekends of work and about $200 at home depot. Costume weights in at about 15-lbs and was not too difficult to wear.

I learned some new methods for working with foam and some basics for large wearable costumes.,.

I also learned that crowds are ruthless and will stop at nothing to get the picture they want! Check out the day's events retold by my most beloved fan and supporter (all these pictures are from her), her blog at: Jenn's Blog It's a great recount of the day.

Thanks for reading!

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