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Mothblok(R) --- a Present for Janice

So Jenn came home one day and asked me if I had some Cedar wood ... Why yes Jenn, I do have Cedar wood. It's one of my favorite softwoods. Too bad its really expensive, otherwise I'd make everything with it.

One thing about cedar wood is that it has a very good smell. And apparently, this also helps keep moths away.

So the reason Jenn asked me if I had some cedar was because she wanted to know if I could give some to our good friend Janice. You see Janice loves to knit, but the evil moths are always attacking her yarn.

Here's some of her amazing work:

Chaos on the left, KisKis on the right.

So I got a small piece from my 4" x 4" lumber and started sanding.

My new vice really helped out.

Once it was all smooth, I powered up my saudering wand and burnt some designs into the block. I tried to go as deep as possible because they will eventually be sanded away.

I even managed to get KisKis (our pet hedgehog) into the artwork.

And, the instructions.

Hope you like it Janice.

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