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Peg Board Organizer - Finished product

Finally received the pieces I ordered from my last post: bobbobblogs.blogspot.ca

And as I opened the box, this is what came out ... a beautiful Filipino & a hedgehog ... 

After I told FedEx that they made a mistake, they finally brought me the parts that I ordered. So, I uncorked my beer and started unpacking.

But, hey whats a project without some cheese and crackers right?

So, I unpacked the black metal pegboards. These things are beautifully made. They fit nicely and they just feel like a premium design on something that is usually so cheep and tacky (go home cardboard peg boards, you're ugly).

So, now onto the design aspects of this project. The reason I got these pegboards is: 1- to hold my most frequently used tools & 2- to cover up my breaker panel so that its no longer an eyesore and not readily visible (but it still needs to be accessible). These are my design constraints.

First and foremost, safety! You cant just go about drilling holes next to a breaker-panel without first knowing where your electrical conduits are run. So after opening up the panel, I marked the outputs and inputs for the power. Luckily, none of them land too close to where my screws need to go. If you do need to drill near power lines, always cut the power first, But know where your input line comes from, as that one you cannot shut-off on your own! Safety first kids, don't do anything you see on this blog, I take no responsibility for any damage you do. But please post it on fail-blog so I can laugh about it.


So, after some careful measuring, I located all the holes that needed to be drilled. Then I mounted my first 2 panels. These were really easy.

Now those top panels were a little harder as I wanted them to swing on hinges so that I can still get to my electrical panel easily.

In order for the hinges that Jenn picked out to work, I needed to make sure they close flat after screwing in the hex bolt I got to connect them to the peg-board. Turns out that the head on the bolts were a little thicker than anticipated. 

But, not fear, nothing that a few vise grips can't straighten out. And hey, I really love my 2x4 workbench that I built a while back. Not only does it look amazing in pictures, but it is awesome to work on: sturdy & great size (that's what she said ;).

So with these panels now on hinges, on the wall they go. Place the electrical panel back. Freak out Jenn by turning off all the lights in the house accidentally. And then DONE!.

What a bute! And she's useful too. Holds up to 400-lbs per panel.

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