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Next Major project! --- Peg Board Organizer

So I feel like its been too long since my last major project. So today I decided to pull the plug on a project that has been bugging me for a long time.

Since I have accumulated a large set of tools, you know with all the projects I've done, I have recently run out of space in my tool chest that I used to use to store this massive collection. This is a great tool chest by the way, if you are planning to store a few small tools this is definitely the one you should get.

Now that I have a full room that I can use to work, I feel that the best way to store many of my tools will be on a peg board system.

Here is my idea:

I've recently purchased a heavy duty 20-gauge rust & scratch resistant black metal peg board system called WALMP. This thing looks nice! It comes in MANY colors ... I picked black to accentuate my tools ... but total jizz factor here. Guys are like women when it comes to organizing their workshop. We like that our things match.

And I love that its on amazon.ca ... I can get it next day if I wanted too. I probably would have if the hooks I wanted were also available on here. BUT, all the hooks on amazon are make for the wimpy 1/8" peg system ... I'm looking for the heavier duty 1/4" peg system stuff ... you know, I have man toys ... heavy man toys. Not the stuff the little wimpy men play with.

So I did some searching around on the interwebs and fell upon this very nice looking company that ships to Canada from the US called DiamondLife. They make really cool stuff for your mancave/workshop ... They have their website really well organized so that its easy to pick exactly what you want ... and they use only the best 1/4" hooks just like I wanted. They even have bins, shelves, baskets, etc ... I was able to customize my order just the way I wanted my pegboard system to look.

In a few week, I'll give you guys an update.

for now, time to enjoy a cold brew in front of a fire after a refreshing hike up a local mountain with Brad.

Actually, this was last Wednesday, but I couldn't find any other way to include this into my story


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