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Art Project - Modern Art MOD Wall

So, after some looking around, I've decided that the look that the galvanized punched flat-bar was not replaceable. All other cheaper options did not give the desired look and feel. So, I shelled over the $160 or so and purchased it from Home depot: Flat-Bar-Home-Depot

But I ran out of 6-inch long magnets ... 

I purchased 9 of the 48" long bars ... the store only had 10 in stock. I cut 3 of them in half to give me a longer (almost the width of the couch) look. 

I even leveled it like a pro! with my good old laser level tool purchased at Canadian tire: The "Mastercraft Hawkeye Laser" (turns out the one I have has been discontinued, probably for the best as its not very good).

All in all, super impressed with the results. Thanks, Jenn, for the Idea.

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