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Shelf Project - Industrial Pipe Shelf

Today I managed to complete my industrial pipe shelf project. We went to Home Depot. Purchased pretty much all of the "Black Pipe" that they had at that store and I even had to go to the next closest store and again buy out all the stock couplings that they had. I also figure that I might as well get some wood for my next project. All in all a good catch, about $400 worth for the next 3 projects.

4"x4"x8' cedar for my gantry "crane" setup - (future project)

4 pieces of pine 12"x36"x3/4" for the shelf

5 bags of fittings & other good stuff

LEED compliant packaging removal

4 castors - good for 500-lbs each ... I'll have a 1-1/2 tone lever hoist on this gantry

3/4" fittings!

More 3/4 fittings!

6" long 3/4" nipples

The only tools needed for this project

holes all drilled out to 1-inch

Oh man these fitting are tight to fit in the 1-inch holes I just made ... I would recommend to anyone to make them about 1-1/8" instead (too late now for me) 

Here's my jig for assembly

Fully assembled and half painted
 As you can see I added 4 brass couplings right in the middle. I had to do that since the second store I got to also ran out of these fittings. I substituted these 4 brass ones instead and I have to say, I really like the look it gives. These were $5/each instead of the $1/each of the regular ones.

Here will be its final resting place.

It fits perfectly
 I painted it with a white waxy stain that is super eco-friendly & has low odor. It is the same paint I used for the crib I build a few years ago.

Just perfect!
I love the contrast that the white pine makes with the black pipe ... This is exactly the look I was going for!

You can find the CAD Solidworks files here: GrabCad-->Industrial-Pipe-Shelf if you want to add them to your project.

One last thing. Here's our art wall all finished up. Finally got the rest of the magnets to put up all those blank canvases for our friends & family to paint.

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