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Art Project - Modern Art MOD Wall

As we were having some friends over today, we cleaned up the house a little. At the same time, Jenn decided to have the mirror she has (the old one that she has) mounted above the hedgehog cage. We originally wanted to have a "sun" mirror as a decoration there: Jysk-Sun-Mirror ... I'm kinda glad we didn't. 

Here, I'd like to show the right way of using the laser level tool. First, you want to decide on a height. I picked the top of the mirror to be level (approx) with the top of my head. Second, you want to place the laser tool at that level. Then using the level on the tool. make sure the laser shines level with gravity (as shown on the picture). Third, find the middle of the wall. Then measure where the holes should be drilled relative to the center of the wall (50cm cl to cl in my case).

Now, I wanted to point something out that I did not know about buildings up to now. It turns out I do not live in a wood frame building like I originally thought. Here I was looking for studs. It turns out that I do not have any studs in my walls (not in the conventional sense anyway). One thing that tipped me off on this is that I kept hitting wood, no matter where I drilled. It turns out I live in an SIP construction building. SIP: Structural Insulated Panel. This means that anywhere I drill, I've got a nice think piece of wood to hang something. I like that!

So after I drilled through the drywall (uselessly) I then proceeded to drill my screw right into the plywood. It feels nice and sturdy. Probably more than if I would have added one of those drywall anchors.

The mirror turned out Perfect! It adds a nice warm glow of reflection while enlarging the room.

Finally, We also got some of our friends to add a piece of art to our wall. Sebastian painted the "cock" (typical) and Luca (<2yrs old) painted the "luca picaso". Jenn added the frasco (more on that later) and Marco painted a Coffee bean on Matrix code (not shown as it is oil paint & still drying).

Now, A fresco (I really like this kind of painting) is a painting mixed in with Spackle (Plaster). It is the same way Leonardo Da Vinci painted the "last supper" & Michelangelo Painted "The Creation of Adam" on the Sistine chapel.

As you can see, the Spackle adds depth & richness to the paint. This one is not done yet, but we need to wait until tomorrow for this layer to dry as we want to give it a nice and crisp feel.
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