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The Work-Space Project - Design day 1

Design has begun on my first large project. The first thing I need to do is CAD my workspace. In order for me to properly utilize my space I am custom designing it to suit my needs.

I currently have a quarter circle desk that fits perfectly in one corner. This will be my CAD station/Computer station/Drafting area. It will be where ideas come to life.

The next most important thing is a working desk. This will need to be a heavy duty thick wood surface. I'll be using this to hammer/drill/sand/cut/etc ... I need to know that it can take a beating and still be usable. I'll probably end up using so re-claimed wood so for now the design is a work in progress and will most probably take a few days to get right. 

I was thinking of using some painted steel to reinforce and give it a style. Kinda like this thing I found on Craigslist (but bigger):

Here's what I've gotten so far. I want 3 large, thin, flat drawers that pull out from under the desk to put things such as wrenches, pliers, caliper, etc. Will most probably have them lined with that anti-slip material they have in tool chests.

Since I most likely will not find a single piece 96" x 32" x 2" plank of awesome wood, I will need to re-design this from many planks of wood. This will make it easier to take apart if I ever need to.

I've also been toying with the idea of having an I-beam above the workbench to make it easier to lift/handle large projects (i.e go-kart, wrought iron chandelier, other things that are better hung). We'll see.

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