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The Home Project - multi project cleanup day

So today was a busy day. But I don't really have a project to show for it. I built up my patio furniture, I cleaned the BBQ, I added a small shelf above my front entrance closet, I added hooks in Jenn and I's bathrooms, I patched up the deep scratch in our master bedroom, I added our weather vane near the front entrance.

These are mostly just tasks, part of a larger project called "the home project"

added shelf creates more storage space

weather vane (will be part of a future project for the entrance: Key/notes/mail/etc featuring tempered glass-solid steel-exotic wood) design to come soon ...

you can see the dots of tape that mark the purchase of our very first dining table (17TH C. MONASTERY ROUND DINING TABLE). Check it out here: Restoration Hardware

Patio set installed and cleaned

hook added to hold towel while showering ... now we can grab the towel when we have soap in our eyes. And the towel does not get wet like when I would drape it over the door.
Here's Jenn's. Same Idea.

And the Spackle drying on the deep scratch.
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