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The Home Project - 4th Project - Storage Locker (Homage to Chaos)

So when we moved into this new home, we heard that the storage lockers got broken into. When I looked at our storage lockers I immediately knew what the problem was. The locks were put on this tiny little 1/8" wire. Seriously, even the smallest bolt cutter could take care of that. It didn't even mater what kind of lock you put on.

I decided that this was not good enough for me. I bought 2 new 1/2-inch diameter U-bolts and proceeded to attach them to the locker. 

My original Idea of replacing the really cheap ones that are currently on the locker did not work. The flanges were too thin. But Marco, on the other hand, knew exactly what to do! 

We attached both U-bolts right next to each other and basically added a third lock to the whole thing. We also decided to put it right at the bottom so as to not attract too much attention. Good thing the only thing we're storing in there so far is my golf clubs I got for free.

And here is the star of the show. My newly acquired Bosch 18V drill with 1/2-inch driver. This thing is a beast! I love it. But not as much as "Chaos" (our late Hedgehog that passed away after this project). You'll be forever in our hearts (and memories).

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