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The Home Project - 3rd project - Vacuum Mod

The one thing that really annoys me is a good design that is missing something. This Vacuum is great. Good shape. Good power. Good price... the one thing that's bad: I have to hang it up on its little plastic wall mount and THEN I have to plug it in. Seriously. Vacuums should always be plugged in. They are made for quick bursts and don't last much more than 10-15 min of vacuuming.

So I took the thing apart and decided to reverse engineer it into a better vacuum.

Here's the perfect spot in our house for it. But if you think that I will dig back there every time to find the power cord, you're wrong.

I took a small copper tube that I had lying around and flattened it, then cut the newly flattened tube into 4 small sheets (about 1-cm by 3-cm).

Added 2 of these sheets to the wall mount piece and soldered them to the incoming DC power source. The trick here is to sand down the copper pieces where you want to solder the wire. and then you have to bring it up to temperature to let the capillary action do the work.

Look at that. The LED is on and I don't even have the power cable plugged in the front. Must be magic!

Took about 4 hrs. Cost pennies ... This should have been designed right into it.

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