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Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

Today I got really pissed off at the Corro-Plast (corrugated plastic) so much so, that I threw all my toys on the floor and went to my computer for help...

I decided to use my solidworks sheet-metal module for the first time. It's not too bad. I made a cube, converted it to sheet-metal. Used 0.05 as my k value (this means that bending the sheet will cause more stretching in the bend than compressing) this mimics that fact that I'm cutting the corrugated part and then just bending it sharply at the front.

Then I created a flat pattern and printed. This worked so much Better than I imagined. So I picked up my toys again and continued working. I got the 1st 12 completed. I can now do the remaining 12 in about a day if I remain concentrated.

Also on a lighter note (since I'm a little high from the fumes). Contact cement is just amazing. You apply it, you let it dry to the point  where it feels completely dry to the touch. Then you stick both dry parts together and magic. They stay stuck. Seriously amazing shit.

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