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Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

Well, today at the grocery store Jenn reminded me that I have yet again forgotten to buy her an advent calendar. I wanted to get her the really good Lindor one since she got me the most amazing beer advent calendar. Turns out Lindor had started cheaping out. They don't even put any of the big chocolates. What the hell Lindor!
So I decided to go to home depot instead and buy some MDF. I'll make my own damn calendar. Then I'll get my own chocolates and put them in.

here's my progress so far:
Some mistakes not to make next time: don't confuse epoxy with contact cement. It won't dry. Also, hot glue did not work so well.

I was initially going to make 24 big boxes and 24 small drawers to go inside the boxes. Then I was going to magnetise the boxes. so they could be arranged a different way every year.
But, that's a lot of boxes to make. I might just end up putting a hinged door. Also probably won't put the magnets... We'll see. I've only made 12 boxes so far.

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