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Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project


So today I decided to start trying to take apart the insides of my car. The first 10 minutes were the hardest... Mostly head scratching hard. After pulling out my rear carseat I managed to find a weak spot in the armour... Got my tiny drill out and had my way with her. Turns out it wasn't too hard after all. In about an hour I have routed a ground wire of relatively small gauge all the way from the baby seat location to the rear view mirror.

Next, I will tackle the driver seat. This one will be a little more tricky. It turns out that I can't route 2 cables together without interference (maybe one day I will sit down and tackle this dreaded interference issue).

For the next part of today I will work on a solid capacitance sensor design that I can plug in and out for both the baby seat and the driver seat.

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