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Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project


Today, since I'm pretty hung over, we decided to go grab lunch at our newest craft beer place. So many choices...

Using our newest member of the group, Luca, we tested the functioning of my device with a baby seat with baby and all.

We filmed him left in my car in the baby seat. He cried, I got a text saying that he may be in danger. It was awesome!

So not only did the project work beautifully, I got some feedback from some awesome friends who actually have a baby.

Now time to make the project nicer looking and "wife friendly". What I mean by that is that you don't want to install a device in you car that will create a constant nagging that you have wires sticking out everywhere.

And just a little advertisement for a new tool I just purchased. The 8pk-371 write stripper and crimper tool. This thing is amazing all metal construction. Made with quality and reliability in mind ... All of this time I was stripping my wires with my front teeth. My dentist will appreciate.

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