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Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

So my newest project started as a School Industrial Design project. It is yet unfinished and will be forever a work in progress but I think posting it here may help someone with the difficulties of combining the Arduino with the GSM network.

So far I have an Arduino board, a linksprite GSM shield, an LCD, a temp sensor, a solar cell, 2 capacitance sensors (metal sheets), and 2 pots.

Yesterday, I shorted my arduino while making a custom board for all these sensors... I was sad. Mostly because I've been working hard trying to figure out the GSM board ... I've even added my project as a contact in my phone book. This alone gave the project some life ... I could text it, call it ... Love it?

Today is a day off for me. My arduino is fried and my local electronics store is closed on Sundays.

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