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Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)


Once the molds were done, I proceeded to make the fiberglass shells.

I coated the mould with three layers of flour wax, then applied one generous layer of fiberglass resin (this is when you pray to the fiberglass gods that you don't fuse it together)
I used about 2 to 3 layers of fiberglass and I rubbed in the resin with my fingers to make sure there were no air bubbles (this last part is seriously the most important part).
 Once all shells complete, I fitted them and trimmed to suit, attached them with industrial grade Velcro, and added some plywood tabs using epoxy.
I added double sided screws with one side ground perfectly to fit the air compressor tubes I bought.

One claw was then tested using MDF. I wasn't sure if it would be strong enough. Turns out it was.

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